About Aabid

National Award-winning author Aabid Surti has won critical acclaim for multiple creative talents. The list of his creative accomplishments befits half a dozen people rather than one individual.

As an author his output has been prolific, his oeuvre spanning fiction as well as non-fiction, travelogue as well as children’s literature. He has written around 80 books till date, which have been translated into almost every Indian language.

As a screenwriter he has been associated with directors like Raj Khosla and Raj Kapoor on film projects and as a playwright, he has penned seven plays.

An accomplished painter, he has held 16 exhibitions in India and abroad. In his early years, he invented an innovative technique called ‘mirror collage’ which won critical acclaim in Japan. In 1971, the Indian government commissioned a short film to showcase his creative work.

As a cartoonist, he created the lovable simpleton ‘Dabbuji’. The highly original and popular cartoon strip has been one of the longest-running comic strips in India, running without a break for over 30 years. Reprints of the original series continue to entertain millions in various languages. Dabbuji’s fan following includes Ex Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, singer Asha Bhosle and Osho.

Aabid has also created another popular comic book character, ‘Bahadur’, which achieved cult status in the 1970s.

In 1993, the Indian government conferred a National Award upon him. He lives in a quiet suburb of Mumbai and continues to explore painting, writing and meditation.


Aabid's multidimentional track record

1954 Joined Sir J. J. School Of Arts (Bombay)
1958 1st one-man show of paintings at Nainital
(Boathouse Club). The work contained the studies of Kumao Valley, mostly landscapes and sketches.
1959 2nd one-man show of paintings at Alliance Francaise Gallery (Bombay). The work contained the studies of Khajuraho Temples in line and colour.
1960 Secured G. D. Arts.
1961 A combined show of paintings at Roopa Art Gallery (Taj Mahal Hotel)
1962 Second combined show of paintings at Roopa Art gallery.
1964 Third combined show of paintings at Connoisseur Art Gallery.
1965 Rhythm And Colour - the exhibition of coloured sketches at Jehangir Art Gallery.
1967 Fish Fantasy - an exhibition of paintings based on the forms of fishes, Taj Art Gallery.
1968 Living Within A Painting-an experiment of living within a painting was carried out in which all the four walls of a room including the ceiling, floor and the furniture were painted with mod figures and forms.
1969 Mirror Collage- evolved a new, bold technique in the field of art. The very first show of this exhibition at the Taj Art Gallery proved to be a grand success.
1970 2nd Mirror Collage show at Artist Center
(Bombay). Designed a Mirror Collage Mural Krishna-Leela (16’ x 7’) for Air India’s
stall at Expo-70 (Japan).
Visited Japan, lived there for 2 months & traveled far & wide.
1971 3rd Mirror Collage show at Taj Art Gallery.
1972 Films Division (Govt. of India) made a colour film on the experiments of the artist. The short film was titled ABID. It was directed by the internationally known director Mr. Pramod Pati.
1974 4th Mirror Collage show at Taj Art Gallery.
1979 Experimented in plastic-molding & exhibited at the Taj Art Gallery.
1980 Appointed S.E.M. by the Maharashtra Govt. Executed mural at Sahar Airport (Bombay)
1981 Exhibited oils at the Taj Art Gallery.
1982 Muslim Mystics-exhibition of miniature paintings on Sufism at the Taj Art Gallery.
1984 Muslim Mystics- exhibited at Delhi, Triveni Gallery.